42 days of life in Paris

Hello world!

Don’t ask me why I’m posting in the small hours of the morning; I went out on Thursday with some Spanish friends and ruined my sleep cycle, and I suppose I’ve left it until now through being too busy, what with the nightmare that is Inscription Pédagogique. I should, in fact, be catching up with work from class after the inscription taking so long that I had to swap to different modules at the beginning of the year. Or, I should be getting some shut-eye for this Rallye thing I have tomorrow…

Kahina, my classmate from Version Espagnole, signed me up last-minute to an inter-departmental event at the Sorbonne where we’re basically put into teams and are to partake in “a mixture of sports-related and cultural tests”. I am completely and utterly terrified and can’t really say I’m looking forward to the bewilderment and injuries that are to ensue as a result of my being on the class’ team, or having to face seeing the looks on their faces at the end of the day. The fact that I am not in possession of trainers is a slight setback, yet I’d probably say I’m more concerned about the fact that I’m, as a friend from jujitsu brésilien fondly put it, vraiment maladroite.

Today (by that I mean yesterday) has been pleasantly uneventful. I invested in my first set of pyjamas in quite a while (they’re very comfy, you’ll be glad to know) and mostly just wandered around the 4e Arr.

Rue Quincampoix and Rue des Lombards are pretty nice mostly because they’re not at all touristy as far as I can tell… I’ll be writing separate posts on them when I get another free minute. Apart from that, today was pleasantly uneventful. I had vanilla-flavoured fromage blanc battu and strawberries for pudding with hot cocoa, then bought some tickets for a concert in February – I’ve discovered that paying for things online with my Carte Bleue is, as appears to be the case with a lot of official sorts of things here, far more confusion and hassle than it ought to be. I ended up having to call a very grumpy man at 11pm at night for help, and discovered that I have to receive a text to my mobile or an automated call to my landline every time I want to buy something online… yep.

Anyway, I have am now seeing Woodkid on 07.02.14 :) happy me! For anyone who doesn’t know Yoann Lemoine, check out this interview (Woodkid’s his nom de plume). I found out about him a few months ago through one of my many Italo-Franco-Norwegian friends, because I have *loads* of them, clearly (if I ever get round to posting this to my friends, him included, then he is missed), but Woodkid’s actually collaborated with Lana Del Rey and has directed music videos for Rihanna and Drake, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry too. He from Lyon but used to live here in Paris so it’ll be cool seeing him here :) He also has awesome music taste himself and has mentioned liking a pianist by the name of Philip Glass, who’s one of my favourite minimalist composers (and has also lived in Paris!) I tried to learn this piece by ear a while back but  I’m pretty rusty now and haven’t looked for sheets yet. His work is very repetitive but I like that… it still gives me the shivers (there’s an actual term for those shivers! Search Frisson if you’re interested and check out this Reddit page with a list of other people’s own Frisson-inducing songs )

I digress, and ramble. On another side note, I’ve been drawing a fish called Fred this week. He’s nowhere near done yet so be nice to him…


Fred says hi

I’ve also stuck up my first recipe for Mousse au Chocolat so check it out – it’s really easy to make and it’s very very tasty! ^_^


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