30.10.13 Electric Shocks, Inverted Pyramids and Manouche Jazz

Monday was an interesting day. By interesting I mean ‘pants’. I cracked the screen on my phone, after which I managed to do something uncomfortable-looking to a friend during BJJ training. She hasn’t really grasped the ‘tapping-out’ concept despite having it explained to her but I still felt a bit bad for her getting hurt. After class, my friend Hoi Tong, was telling me that she was going to Disneyland the following day and we got talking about L’Étrange Noël de Monsieur Jack. I mentioned having learnt part of Sally’s Song and she’s very kindly offered to lend me her copy so I can check out the parole to La Complainte de Sally – so hopefully I’ll be able to add another song to my repertoire soonish!

Did I mention I also electrocuted myself? My living room ceiling fixture conked out so my landlord said to use the lamp in the corner. My first impressions of the metal makeshift “plug” of said lamp (yes, metal) were “It resembles something a delinquent child (with no concept of danger) might assemble out of boredom”. Common sense prevailing as ever, I, remarkably intelligent young woman that I am, decided my landlord wouldn’t tell me to use an appliance if it were dangerous so, in short, I plugged a metal object into a socket and got a nasty shock (see what I did there?) Suffice to say, I think I deserved it a bit.

On Tuesday, Chris and I were meaning to pay a visit to the Musée du Louvre but it was shut! Chris is from Provence and studies at the Sorbonne too, but is doing un Master. Anyway, I ended up getting lost on the way to meeting him at La Pyramide Inversée, despite the fact that I live right next to it. After walking down Pont des Arts, we had two very chocolatey crêpes Melissa at Chez Suzette, then took the métro nearer to where he lives in the 18th Arr. by Abbesses after wandering around the Rue de Rivoli area.  We ended up having tea at Au Clairon des Chasseurs and chatted about Greek mythology while listening to some manouche jazz guitarists playing the likes of Django Reinhardt and Édith Piaf – Tuesday definitely compensated for Monday!


Cour Napoléon

Yesterday (Wednesday) was mostly spent in Galerie Vivienne speaking with a very nice lady named Victoria Wolff, who I’ll speak about more later next week :) I also picked up my Woodkid tickets and am finally going to see Einaudi! Many British people will know Divenire from an advert similar to this one but I prefer Le Onde and Oltremare. It was actually a Liverpudlian friend (Sam Dolan) who showed me how to play I Giorni so I kind of have her to thank for the fact that I’m going! On a completely unrelated note, I can’t describe how much I love this song.


Galerie Vivienne

I need to be off now! Seeing as we’re now in the half-term holidays here, I’ve decided to head somewhere further North in France this weekend to clear my lungs of Paris’ exhaust fumes and cigarettes, but where I’m going’s a secret for now! I’ve found a hostel to crash in but can’t get through on the phone so fingers crossed I don’t end up sleeping in a bus shelter… If I’ve not posted anything by next Thursday then call someone! Anyway, I’ll be putting up a post soon for last weekend’s recipe, Macarons à la Vanille! They thoroughly cheered me up after Monday’s minor ordeals and they were very tasty so have a nosy :) Happy Mischief Night and Hallowe’en to everyone!


5 thoughts on “30.10.13 Electric Shocks, Inverted Pyramids and Manouche Jazz

  1. What a week! Hope you didn’t get shocked too bad. I came here for the jiu-jitsu, and stayed for the French! I’m learning Francais, so it’s good practice, think I’ll be reading your blog a lot. Oss!

    • Haha, thank you! I did Japanese jujitsu in Liverpool and moved out here a few months ago (hence the BJJ and Judo – need to keep it up!) Why are you learning French out in Abu Dhabi? Last time I was there, there weren’t many people speaking French ;)

      • Well I am learning Arabic haha, but for school I have to keep learning French. Let me tell you, it’s difficult learning two languages at the same time.

      • Preaching to the choir! (I study Italian, Spanish and French at the Sorbonne – they all stem from Latin so they all share similar vocabulary. I struggle not to speak French in Spanish/Italian lessons!) Keep at it and try to immerse yourself in the target language :) If you fancy listening to some French music you could always try out Stromae and there are loads of films you can watch too!

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