Most of these recipes are for classic pâtisseries ‘incontournables’ that are common in Paris as well as elsewhere in France. This means they all make use of very standard flavours and ingredients, as they’re meant to follow the traditional/original recipes, but feel free to experiment with them!

07.02.13 Tarte Tatin
30.11.13 Madeleines Glacées au Citron
23.11.13 Meringues
16.11.13 Crème aux Œufs au Caramel
09.11.13 Tartelette au Citron
02.11.13 Mi-cuit au Chocolat
26.10.13 Macarons à la Vanille
19.10.13 Mousse au Chocolat
12.10.13 Crème Brûlée


3 thoughts on “Recettes

    • Hi Fahad, if you’re looking for guidelines concerning the recipes, you can find them by clicking the links in the above list. Keep an eye on the page around the end of February as there will be a number of new posts coming up soon!

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